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Are medical relief trips only for medical professionals?

No. In fact about 60-70% of our teams usually comprise of non-medical personnel.

Examples of roles for non-medical personnel in a medical relief team are:
Journalism, Logistics, Photography & Videography, Children Ministry, Crowd control, Registration, Dispensary Helper, Medicine Pre-packing, Prayer Station.

What kind of situations are we likely to face during a medical relief mission?

We organize two types of trips; namely Cold and Hot trips.

Cold trips are peace time medical relief for less fortunate communities with little or no access to ready medical treatment. Such trips are usually accompanied by better transportation and accommodation(hotels, motels, hostels), and are used as training to prepare for critical disaster.Planning period tends to be longer as well.

Hot trips are organize with shorter preparation time and happen during times of critical disaster. Volunteers who are ready with previous experience/s(Eg. Cold Trip) are preferred, though exceptions are possible through interview selections

Will there be any form of training provided to prepare for such trips?

CRS organizes workshops from time to time, however, the frequency depends on availability of speakers and venues.
Hands-on training during Cold trips are recommended for 1st timers.

Are there any administrative roles to volunteer if I do not wish to travel?

Yes, we are actively looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help in the following area:

Website Maintenance, Accounting, Trip Planning & Coordination, Workshop/ Event Planning, Ecommerce & Mercandising.

Is CRS a religious organization?

Crisis Relief Singapore is an organization founded by Christian groups.

Am I able to join if I am not a Christian?

Yes. We welcome all who are willing to serve.
You are free to evaluate our activities during the initial interview and sharing session compulsory for all new members who wish to join our medical relief missions.

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