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Project Brief

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Central Java in the early morning on
27 May 2006. It is estimated that about 5700 people were killed and
50 000 people injured. Many homes were destroyed and people made homeless.

A survey team was sent to the devastation from 1 to 4 June 2006. They felt that the situation was under control due to the good organization of the Indonesian Government and large number of NGO’s that had responded to this crisis.

After visiting Yogyakarta and the surrounding towns, it was perceived that CRS would best assist our local partners by sending small mobile medical teams into the remoter villages and participates in food distribution.

Five teams of doctors, nurses and volunteers participated in medical clinics and food distribution from 1-30 June 2006.

Recce Team (1st to 4th June 2006) Members: Dr Lim Koon Jin, Jason Heng, Estella Ng, Kua Young Ghee The Recce Team sought out local partners to work with. They went into a village at Klaten and ran mobile clinic there with the approval of the local mosque.

Team 1 (4th to 11th June 2006)
Members: Jason Heng, Ling Sing Nang, Tan Ek Khoon
The team partnered with another organization and ran medical clinic at various villages. The number of patients vary from about 60 to 150 on different days. The team was well received by the villagers, and new opportunities are opening up for networking.

Team 2 (11th to 18th June 2006)
Members: Soh Choi Ling, Dr. Yeoh Peng Cheng, George Annadorai, Joanna Tan & Winston Chin
Together with local partners, the team set up medical clinic in several remote villages in the Bantul region. They saw about 240 patients over 4 days. Most of the patients were experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Team 3 (21st to 25th June 2006)
Members: Lim Koon Jin, Victor Ong, June Lim, Dino Tan, Fawn Lim, Henry Lee, Agnes Lee, Alan Tan, Jenny

Team 4 (25th to 30th June 2006)
Members: Mok Choon Hoe, Anthony Chao, Mona Khoo, Susana Ling, Alex Chew, Derick Choo, Ng Tze Chong, Terence Lim

Continuing from the foundation of trust achieved by the earlier CRS teams, these two teams were able to provide much needed medical, social and spiritual support for the relief and rehabilitation of the people of across affected regions of Bantul, Sleman and Klaten.

We would like to thank all our volunteers and numerous generous donations. CRS was able to offer free medical services and follow-up care to a daily average of 70 patients for the whole month of June. The complemented the good work, by our partners, already in progress amongst 11 communities in the affected areas.

Describing the strong bonds forged between CRS and our new friends in Indonesia, Ibu Sigit, a worker of GIDI, wrote in a letter of appreciation: “We express much gratitude for the support, morally and materially. With full patience and friendliness, you have helped us. Do not forget us, for we too will always remember all of you.”