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Project Brief

Mongolia is a harsh land situated in the high regions of Central Asia. Severe climatic conditions like summer draughts and dzuds (harsh winters) wreak havoc regularly, making it difficult for normadic herdsmen to maintain their livestock of yaks. These poor animals perish as a result of the harsh conditions, depriving the herdsmen of food, transportation, heat and money. Approximately six hundred thousand herdsmen in seventeen of Mongolia’s 21 provinces were affected, many of them making long futile journeys in search of grazing pasture, leaving them physically and mentally exhausted.

Mrs Lim Bee Yong and Mrs Pauline Tan, both volunteers of CRS, helped to coordinate this project with ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief Operations and Strategic Services). They distributed about fifteen tones of rice and flour to approximately 600 families (2000 people) near Ulaanbator from 21-25 February 2003.