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Team Report

Sittwe located at the Rakhine State has a population of 181,000. The team from Crisis Relief Singapore went down to Sittwe, Myanmar from 30th Nov 2013 to 5th December 2013 on medical relief.

There were 4 days of medical clinic. 2 full days and half day of mobile clinic and a Christmas outreach after that. Some of the patients come from different villages in the Rakhine state, some from the village itself. During the 3 days in Sittwe, we could see how the medical care was lacking and more backward there than in Yangon. Half a day of mobile clinic at Shwe Pyi Thar, Yangon. Many patients both in Sittwe and Yangon had cases of stress related ailments and high blood pressure. In total we saw 270 patients.

For the 3 days at Sittwe, we run a children¡¯s program. Most of the children could sing Children¡¯s songs and know about Jesus. Most of the children were from the boarding school program that Pastor Peter and Joshua were running.

On the day 3, we met a child patient with an abnormally large head, Ma Tha Zin Wai. She came with her parents from a faraway village as she had a fall recently. Our team was very interested in helping her to find a cause and treatment from her abnormality. We discussed for some time and decided to use our team fund to fly her over to Yangon with us to seek treatment at Yangon Hospital. Pastor Thein also found a german couple, doctors who were willing to pay for extra costs.

Terence(Team Leader) Took me back to a time and place gone by. A blast from the past where life was slow and time stood still. Walking down the road and streets less travelled. Mesmerized by the haunting smiles from faces, weather beaten by the harsh surroundings of life into their lives we bring glimmers of hope. That only the Lord can fill. Opening doors through His Love

Being the first ever medical trip to Sittwe, there is a lot more that can be done for the people there. The medical advancement in that area is quite slow so it will be difficult people who need long term medication and treatment there. Doctor Diong mentioned also that the people there might also be suffering from stress related problems, like anxiety, depression. It might be good to bring a psychiarist next time. Most people there do not wear spectacles as it would spoil their image. Causing some of them to endure headaches for a long time, an optometrist would be helpful too.

The team new to each other bonded very well together, we learned to work well with each other. The team¡¯s aim was to share God¡¯s love and show the people how much God loves them and I think we had achieved that we sincerely pray for opened doors to God¡¯s love.