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Project Brief

In September 2009, an earthquake of magnitude 7.6 struck off Indonesia’s Sumatra Island at 1716hrs. Several aftershocks continued intermittently through the day and up to 75% of buildings in West Sumatra’s regional centre, Padang were destroyed. Total deaths and injuries stood in the thousands and an estimated 250,000 families were affected by the earthquake due to partial or total loss of their homes and livelihoods.

In response, CRS in collaboration with City Care Limited and Missions Teams International formed up 3 teams consisting of medical personnel and volunteers to minister in the region of Pariaman by running mobile clinics and performing food distribution.

The need for medical attention was great as Team 1 attended to 1,149 patients in the span of 4 days. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Team 2 experienced significant tremors but nonetheless returned safely back to Singapore. In addition to performing medical procedures and with the kind sponsorship of Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, Team 3 was able to distribute over 240kg of Halal food ration packets to the villagers.

Team 1: 13-17 Oct
Lim Meng Jin City Care
Loo Wai Yang, Desmond City Care
Lu Jirong City Care
Janet Anastasia Yap Lay Yoke MTI
Yip Yan Yee CRS
Tan Ming Nguan Aloysius CRS
Ling Xi Wern CRS
Long Shiwei Kenneth CRS
Ian Mathews CRS
Team 2: 17-22 Oct
Yeo Siew Lin Jennifer CRS
Lim Kwee Lee CRS
Tan Meng Guek CRS
Goh Yen Tien Eileen CRS
Tan Keok Ee CRS
Lim Poo Huat CRS
Team 3: 22-27 Oct
Lim Hui Shan CRS
Tan Yee Cher CRS
Lim Ann Soo Florence CRS
Krystal Khoo Oon Hui CRS
Keziah Khoo Oon-Ching CRS
Derrick Ong CRS



Reports from the field:

Padang food Ration Report on the 26th Oct 2009
Padang Team 1: 13th Oct – 17th Oct 2009

Padang food Ration Report on the 26th Oct 2009

Team 3 Beach-side Pose

Padang food Ration Report on the 26th Oct 2009

By Keziah Khoo

On the day of our departure, we carefully counted and made sure to make a mental picture of the 19 boxes containing the food rations for the locals there. This food ration was made possible to the affected residents at Padang by the gracious supply from Bethesda Frankel Estate Church.

Things went smoothly and we were able to get all nineteen boxes to the Posko where the main base was without any trouble after the Halal certificate was presented to the airport custom for cargo clearance.

We straight away started to operate the mobile clinic since we arrived. We were told to classify the 871 packet food according to the nutritional values before distributing them to the villagers. Every family was to receive one plastic bag, containing rice, the rations of meat and food (packet food sponsored by Bethesda Estate Church), plus a few necessities.

Derrick from CRS, the dietician on our team, together with one of the leaders, David from City Care was in charge of tasting the food and making sure that the rations were divided equally. The villagers were welcoming and the bags were giving to the chief to distribute to the families.

On our last day of clinic, David chose a couple CRS members from our team to officially present the bags to the chief. This village was near the police headquarters and thus there were many military personnel around.

Once again, there was the presenting of the bags and the clicks of many cameras as the beaming chief held the bag triumphantly in his arms like a trophy of some sort. Overall, it seemed to be a joyous occasion for them. One could say it was solely the thought of gaining free food, but I prefer to think it was feeling of knowing that someone in another country, care and border to render help and supplies them food and necessities, even in times of disaster.

CRS was grateful that God answered the prayer for the food to be sent via Tiger Airway for free of charge. Transformations of situation has taken place to it’s best for the donor and the people in Padang. We earnestly pray that the seed of God’s truth has planted into the heart of Padang’s people by the steadfast love of heavenly father showed by co laborers and harvest will follows until we see redemption grace in great joy. God is good all the time!

Padang Team 1: 13th Oct – 17th Oct 2009

Padang Team 1: 13th Oct – 17th Oct 2009

By Janet Yap of MTI

In response to a Richter scale of 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Padang Sumatra on 30th Sept 2009, MTI (Mercy Teams Int’l) decided to respond to the needs by sending me on the trip.

As a trained nurse, I naturally responded to my call of duty in providing medical relief in the disaster zone.

Teaming up with City Care (City Harvest Church) & CRS (Crisis Relief S’pore), a team of 9 members consisting of a co-coordinator, 1 medical officer, 1 house officer, 3 fourth year medical students, 2 registered nurse and a 3rd year student nurse left for Padang on the 13th Oct 09-17th Oct 09.

Upon arrival, we were zoomed to Sungai Limau in Pariaman to start a mobile clinic. We saw 110 patients in 3 hrs. In the days that follows, we splitted into 2 teams, with one team out to do mobile clinic and the other team based at the Posko (Clinic Base) which is located at Toko Hoki Jl Niaga at Padang City.

These are the figures:
13th Oct : Mobile clinic at Sungai Limau Pariaman: 110 patients.
  : Posko: 187 patients.
14th Oct : Mobile clinic at Desa Duku Padang Galo Rimbo Pariaman: 80 patients.
  : Posko: 139 patients.
15th Oct : Mobile clinic at Lubuk Alung Pariaman : 106 patients
  : Posko: 187 patients
16th Oct : Mobile clinic at Kel.Cengkeh Panggilut Padang: 160 patients.
  : Posko: 180 patients.

All in all, we saw 1,149 patients in 4 days.

2 weeks after the earthquake, naturally the acute phase is over. The patients were mainly suffering from Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (cough, cold, fever), some eye infections and quite a bit of skin infections from the harsh condition of living outside of collapse homes. Most men came in with muscle aches and pains and scratches from clearing debris and working on their homes. The elderly came in with high blood pressure from after shock and lack of proper rest.

Normalcy seems to have resume, most shops and vendors are opened except for the bigger shopping malls. Almost everyone has gone back to work and school, and those that flee Padang are streaming back.

Do continue to pray for wisdom and discernment as the leaders come together to explore possibility of further blessings.