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Project Brief

The December 2004 Asian Tsunami that struck coastal areas on both sides of the Indian Ocean was probably one of the largest global disasters the world has ever witnessed. An estimated 230,000 persons were killed in this disaster, and state of emergencies were declared in Maldives, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In the aftermath of the disaster, CRS provided relief to the tsunami victims in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. CRS provided food for over 1,750 families in the district of Batticaloa over a 12 week period. Nine teams went to Sri Lanka on a weekly basis to assist local volunteers with packing and distribution of the food packages. Some of the teams ran medical clinics, visited the affected households and ran children programs too.

In Galle, CRS partnered a local NGO to launch a program called “Our Children”. Five teams were sent there to help facilitate after-school care and children’s programs.