Trip Accounting Explanation

Home Trip Accounting Explanation

1. CRS will dispense S$1000 (or other required amount) for medicine and children ministry items. All expenditure from this fund must be recorded on the CRS Relief Trip Account Closing Form with receipt or Declaration of Expenses Form. Other expenses like team local SIM card can be claimed depending on whether there is extra after purchasing the above 2 items

(Note: Only expenses from this fund requires CRS documentation)


2. Consolidation of team fund before the trip for exchange to required foreign currency will be recommended. Team fund is total calculated fees for lodging, transportation, food & drinks and appreciation love gift for local helpers – drivers, interpreters, missionaries etc. Amount to be recommended by local partners.

(Note: Amount to be calculated and announced to team before final team meeting so that it can be collected during the meeting itself or transferred via internet banking before visit to money changer)


3. Personal funds. All members are recommended to carry a small sum of money for personal use (emergency, shopping, buffer for other expenditures). Usual amount is $100-200. If required for exchange to foreign currency, individual must notify treasurer before the team funds are being converted.

(Note: Treasurer to announce date and time of visit to money changer on chatgroup or before last team meeting so that it can be collected together with the individual contribution to the team fund)


Trip Forms Explanation
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Each form consist of 3 declaration slips that can be used as substitution for expenses without receipts. Only applicable to expenses from the CRS Fund.
Relief Trip Account Closing Form
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This form will consolidate all expenditures from the CRS fund and indicate amount to be returned to CRS and the currencies returned.